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Here’s exactly how to increase your ACT
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Slay the ACT is an online coaching program that will:

Increase that ACT score by at least 4 points

Teach strategies for each section of the ACT

Review content for each section

Develop a success mindset for test day

It’s taking place completely online in a private facebook group
where your child can learn at his or her own pace
(no travel or awkward hours)

What do we cover

Week 1: eNGLISH and REading

We start with an overview of the ACT- what is on it, the timing, and how is it scored – and then we jump right into the game plan and strategies for the English and Reading sections!


Math is the heaviest content section of the ACT, so in week 2, we spend quite a bit of time reviewing some math concepts that most students need a little refresher on! We also cover strategies for the Science section (it is easier than you think!)


It is just about as much fun as it sounds, but one of the hardest parts of the ACT is being able to focus for such an extended period of time. It also is a way for Tina to check and see if the strategies are being implemented!


The fastest way to improve an ACT score is to review questions you are getting wrong to understand WHY the answer you chose is wrong, not necessarily why a different answer is correct.


The end is in sight, and it is time to work on the problems that can help put your score up and over your goal! We go through common difficulties in each of the sections of the test. It is really time for practice, practice, practice!


Tina covers a lot of material in the 6 weeks – content, strategy, and mindset. Week 6 is a refresher of what has been covered and a good chance to write down some notes that a test taker might want to review the night before or morning of the test!

fast action bonus




One private call will take place 2 weeks into the program so that Tina can ENSURE that your student is picking up the strategies and IMPLEMENTING them!


The second call will take place after reviewing the practice test as a check-in to help build confidence!

how does SLAY THE ACT work?

Private "STUDENTS ONLY" Facebook Group

I know, I know. Facebook is SO uncool for high school students, but it is the best place I have found to run this program that is FREE, QUICK, and so EASY to use! (You can’t get better than that!)

Classes on Mondays

Classes are posted on Mondays, so your child will be able to watch anytime convenient for them! I’ll be available to answer questions, simply PM me, or post the questions in the group, and they will be answered ASAP!


Live weekly Q&A

On Sunday nights, we will have a live phone call to answer ANY and ALL questions and review homework. It is best to attend LIVE, but they are recorded if you can’t make it!

Who am I

How I became an ACT Prep expert

I haven’t always been on a mission to help students SLAY the ACT. Before this, I was an Industrial Engineer turned high school math teacher, and it took a lot of inspiration & a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today.

I have worked with hundreds of students over the past 12 years- 
of ALL ability levels. It’s my passion and blessing to help students increase their confidence, get that goal score, and wait for that free money for college to pour in!

As a mom of 4 sons, I truly understand that each child is different, and I work with each student to meet them where they are at and to challenge them to get to the next level!

frequently asked questions about
Slay the ACT online coaching program

Q. what if we miss a week?
A. This is the beauty of the PRIVATE Facebook Group – if you miss a week, all of the videos are there to watch (or re-watch) whenever. Even at midnight (when some teens THINK they can best focus – LOL)!

Q. how is this better than 1-0n-1 tutoring?
A. This is why I’m SO excited to be launching this brand new, online coaching program. It means your child can study with me at a time and place that suits THEM, and still get the answers they need to their toughest questions. It is like ON-DEMAND tutoring!

Q. how long do we have access to the materials?

A. Once you are in, you are in for good! If your child decides to Slay the ACT another time (just to see that score keep skyrocketing), all of the videos are still available!